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By A/B testing your PPC landing pages, you're guaranteed to improve your conversion rate ... which in turn will increase your ROI and profitability from your PPC campaigns.

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AMG has been a terrific partner to us. One quick example: we had been trying to figure out some problems with our iOS UAC tracking for nearly a year--we have tapped support teams at Google, Tune and Apple, and even connected with friends via LinkedIn at Google for assistance, with no luck. The AMG team dove in and figured it out like **snap**!

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What We Do (In A nutshell)

If you’re not running tests on your landing pages, you’re wasting money every single day. Our team of conversion rate optimization experts will implement A/B tests on your landing pages, testing things like imagery, copy, colors, layout and CTA’s like form elements and phone number placements.

Whether your website is an ecommerce store where you’re selling products directly online, or you’re collecting leads through phone calls and form submissions, A/B testing is an essential component of your marketing strategy.

Research by eMarketer indicates that more than 80% of marketers say they’re not focusing on A/B testing their landing pages. They should be.

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Our A/B Testing Process

Landing page testing takes time, patience and a good understanding of web usability principles and statistical analysis. Luckily, our team has all that and more. Take a look at our A/B testing process and see if it’s a service you can benefit from.

Website and Landing Page Audit

Before we can implement a test, we perform an in-depth audit of your website, landing pages and traffic sources. It's important to understand where your traffic is coming from, how much traffic your landing pages are generating, and how consistent and reliable that traffic will be over time.

These factors will influence what we actually test, and how much traffic we send to our control page versus our variable page.

Test Implementations

Once we've determined the best elements to test on your landing pages, we'll get to work actually implementing these tests.

Sometimes we'll be testing a headline, which will be implemented via dynamic scripts placed on your site, but sometimes we'll design entirely new landing page to use as our test page. Either way, we structure our tests in a way that generates reliable, practical and actionable data.

Data Analysis and Test Results

Landing page testing can vary in length and scope based on the volume of traffic and the number of simultaneous tests being run.

Once the test generates a statistical significant result between our control and test subjects, our team analyzes the data to determine which metrics we should be focusing on, as well as what changes should be implemented on the landing pages based on the test results.

Test ... Test ... Test Again

Landing page A/B testing is never finished. There is always more improvements to be made and there are always more elements that should be tested.

If we've improved the form conversion rate on a sales form by 2%, we want to improve that form conversion rate again by running another test.

A consistent and long-term testing approach always yields the best results and the most significant improvements over time.

A/B Testing + Profitable PPC Campaigns = Exponential returns on investment

Imagine you spend $500 on your Google AdWords campaign and generate 250 clicks and 20 form submissions. You’re landing page conversion rate would be 8%. 

Let’s say you close 50% of your form submissions for an average profit of $80 per customer. So you got 10 clients and made $800 in profit.

Now you test your landing pages and discover that by changing the order of the form fields you actually improve your conversion rate from 8% to 12%. For the same $500, you’d now actually generate 30 form submissions, of which you’d close 50%, generating 15 clients instead of 10.

With the better landing page conversion rate you’d earn $1200, instead of $800, from the same amount of money spent on AdWords. That’s a 50% increase in profit from a 4% increase in landing page conversion rate!What would a better conversion rate mean for your bottom line?


avg increase in conversion rate


avg increase in conversion value


a/b tests run for clients


million dollars saved in advertising cost

Landing page testing actually works, every single time.

In fact, Landing page A/B testing with consistency and patience is one of the only guaranteed ways of increasing your conversion rates over time. Which of course, will increase the money you make from your advertising campaigns as a result.

Our A/B Testing Tech Stack

Here is some of the tech and tools we use to run incredibly effective A/B landing page tests.

"My eCommerce site had some new, and very big, competitors entering the space. I switched PPC management to AdVenture Media Group and saw the results I needed almost immediately. Their expertise is clear through the education they provide, so I was confident that I was getting the best in the business. What I experienced, however, was not only the best in the industry, it was taking the PPC game to a whole new level. I was so impressed I added my new eCommerce site to them for management as well and am seeing significant and immediate gains. I can't recommend AdVenture Media Group enough."

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