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Remarketing Campaigns Give Celebrity-Favorite Luxury Jewelry Brand 12X ROI






Our client owns a luxury jewelry brand specializing in unique handmade pieces with a focus on spirituality. The brand has been a long-time favorite of celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski. The owners brought us on to increase sales and traffic. 

Advertising Platforms Leveraged 

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

Technology Leveraged 

  • Shopify
  • SEM Rush
  • Ask Wonder


1. Pricing: With pieces ranging from $200 to $20,000, the average product price is $1,500. Because of the niche market, finding the right demographic willing to commit to the price tag posed a challenge. 

2. Competition: Aside from competing with other luxury jewelry brands, we faced a great deal of vendor competition. Our client's brand is carried by large-scale vendors like Net-a-Porter, Neiman Marcus and the like; these vendors have higher budgets and more recognition, so directing traffic from these vendors to our client's website required a strategic campaign strategy. 


Facebook and Instagram 

The brand’s pre-existing Instagram following proved to be a great asset. With 416K followers and strong, visually appealing photography, we leveraged the two on Facebook and Instagram. We utilized great images from their professional shoots and targeted their large Instagram following, allowing for subsequent remarketing. The key with the remarketing campaigns was not using wordy headlines, allowing the high-quality images to be the focal point.

Google Shopping

The key strategy with Google Shopping was optimization. To optimize titles and descriptions to serve in better auctions, we included more keywords and specifications on the jewelry in the descriptions. Specifying search terms proved to be a key in optimization; general jewelry search terms weren’t bottom-funnel enough, so we stopped bidding on generic terms. To identify which branded terms would optimize best, we researched and tested jewelry terms using SEM Rush. For example, “gold necklace” and “diamond stud earrings” seemed like they would be strong search terms, but our research and testing showed that they weren’t strong enough. 

Initially, we used a standard shopping campaign to accumulate data, then switched to smart shopping. We implemented heavy remarketing, using display ads and RLSA to catch people who already showed interest in the brand. To overcome competition posed by large vendors carrying our client's brand, we used very specific ad copy and added “Official Site” to add credibility and legitimacy to the brand’s site. This strategy helped place our branded ads above the ads run by large vendors like Net-a-Porter. 


  • 12x Facebook ROI
  • $78 CPA
  • 58% increase in web traffic
  • 10x Google ROI

Four-month account performance overview
107 companies requested a proposal last month

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