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Startup Founder Offloads Digital Strategy to AdVenture Media Allowing Time to Expand Product Offerings






Our client owns a family run startup in the photography space. They take private clients and have an eCommerce store that sells products directly to a wide range of customers. Their products are creatively driven but have a short shelf life. Success for this company is determined by the ability to continue to optimize and improve their product offering. 

They brought us on at a time when their company was in a large period of growth. They were fortunate to be growing, but quickly realized that their marketing efforts were becoming too much of a burden to manage at scale. They hired AdVenture Media as their digital advertising partner. They leaned on our team for campaign management and overall marketing strategy, as well as guidance in projecting profitability benchmarks throughout each stage of their growth cycle.

Platforms Leveraged 

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

Technology Leveraged

  • Shopify 
  • (review platform)
  • Marsello (email marketing) 


  1. Product pricing on their website did not reflect industry standards compared to competitors. The initial challenge was repricing their products in order to implement a new sales strategy.
  1. With multiple brands and platforms, administrative and management tasks inhibited the client’s ability to expand product offerings. 


Digital Campaign Management

Google Ads

We restructured Search Campaigns to reflect the marketing funnel by splitting ad groups to match ad copy and paused unprofitable keywords.

We leveraged Smart Shopping by rewriting the product descriptions and utilized better images. This, in conjunction with setting bidding goals based on LTV, effectively optimized the feed data.

Facebook Ads

We restructured campaigns to reflect the stages in the customer journey by implementing new ad types and best practices.  Additionally, we created specific ads and ad copy for different audiences; whether they were previous visitors, new, or site visitors who had not purchased.

Email Marketing

We created an email marketing schedule and prioritized improving abandoned cart email flows. We improved abandoned cart email flows by changing the email copy, the number of emails sent out and the number of days after cart abandonment for the initial email to hit the potential customer’s inbox.

Product Strategy

The initial challenge in product strategy came down to pricing. We analyzed competitor price points to suggest a new brand pricing strategy; this new pricing strategy enabled the company to introduce new products, promotions and product bundles. 

We developed individual product launch strategies for every new product, which contributed to the overall success of these new marketing campaigns. With the advent of new pricing and the introduction of new products, we needed a strategy to get past the company’s reliance on daily one-off sales. We created an event-based promotional plan consisting of promotions, discounts and product bundles; this new strategy, in conjunction with improved marketing of these discounts, increased sales and profitability. 

Marketing Analytics

We analyzed various marketing platforms and their revenue attribution to identify LTV for the company. Based on our extensive analysis, we reallocated budgets allowing for a substantial increase in revenue.


  • 38% increase in product offerings
  • 40% decrease in Facebook spend
  • 100% increase in conversion rate
  • 1.34M revenue in 6 months

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