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Implementation of Google’s Latest Targeting Features Increases a Telehealth Company’s YoY New Users by 96%






Luma Health is a patient engagement platform that modernizes patient care. It integrates with multiple EHR systems (Electronic Health Record is a digital platform for patient health information). Luma Health maximizes EHR systems to help increase patient engagement and streamlines provider care. They set up automatic appointment reminders, telehealth, HIPAA compliant texting between doctors and patients, virtual waiting rooms and many more features. The most common reason doctors choose Luma Health is for their appointment reminder system. It can help reduce no-shows by 79% which in turn can help increase revenue for the practices. 

Advertising Platforms Leveraged 

  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

Technology Leveraged 

  • Salesforce
  • Marketo 


  1. Low search volume: The SaaS healthcare market provides software services to a niche demographic, so part of the challenge in generating strong keywords to bid on was the relatively low volume of preexisting long tail keywords. 
  1. Niche market: The demographic of those who would be interested in Luma Health was very specific and tricky to target as an audience type.
  1. Low search awareness: The third challenge took into consideration both low search volume and the niche market. Within the audience targeted, there was a relatively low threshold of awareness in terms of what keywords to search.   For example, the audience might be aware that they need this type of service, but they're not overly savvy about the nuances of these services, the differences between features, etc. There would be a steep learning curve, even with our target audience.


Increased Broad Match Keywords

To capture a wider audience, we shifted away from focusing solely on long tail keywords and instead implemented the use of more broad match keywords. For example, we used “patient scheduling software” as a broad match keyword to target the healthcare industry audience. 

We leveraged smart bidding across the account and tested different strategies. One of the challenges we had with this strategy was low volume due to the high average CPC. We tested different bidding strategies to increase volume and optimize on statistically significant data.

Explored Latest Technology and Targeting Features

As a Google Premier Partner, our team receives access to beta features that are being rolled out in the Google Ads platform. We enrolled Luma Health into a beta program that leveraged advanced demographic data regarding the user's working industry. Once enabled, we could restrict our ad campaigns to exclusively target individuals working in the healthcare industry.

Salesforce Integration 

We worked on integrating Salesforce to further qualify our conversions by tracking additional conversion actions as a lead went through the sale cycle (MGL, SQL, Closed Deal). Specifically, we worked on getting the GLCID to pull in. This helped us attribute conversion and conversion actions back to campaigns, effectively training Google’s algorithm to go after higher quality leads. 

Higher Quality Conversions

The average CPC was significantly higher ($37) compared to the account search average ($7.17). We entered into higher quality auctions to generate higher quality conversions and the results speak for themselves. The average account search conversion rate is 2.09% and we were able to achieve a targeted audience conversion rate of 8.20%.

Marketo Integration

We set up hidden fields in forms to capture the UTM parameters. This helped us attribute the right conversions to the campaign/ad group/keyword that served as a touchpoint in the user’s journey. 


  • 35% YoY decrease in CPA
  • 27% increase in profitable spend
  • 19% YoY increase in quality conversions 
  • 19% YoY increase in time on site
  • 96% YoY increase in new users
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