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Four Audience Segments Helps Xebec Sell More Tri-Screens


Xebec is a pioneering DTC company selling light and portable dual-screen monitor attachments to accompany single-screen laptops. Initially founded to solve the lack of productivity a single screen poses consultants away from their desks every week, Xebec came to us for unique consultative services.


With the pandemic preventing consultants from traveling to visit clients, Xebec needed to swiftly adapt to accommodate the changing remote work landscape. Our focus was on:

  • Approach
  • Targeting
  • Messaging


The initial value in a light, portable dual-screen monitor attachment provided consultants with a similar level of productivity while traveling that their large desktop monitors provided them at the office. With remote work surging, this core audience temporarily vanished forcing Xebec to pivot and reshape their core personas. 

While the consultant demographic disappeared, the solution remained: Xebec offers increased productivity without the necessity of sitting at a desk. 


With this in mind, our team identified new audiences to target and developed a strategy in how to execute campaign structure and creatives based on these new audiences:

  1. Digital Nomads

Xebec not only offers solutions for remote workers, but it also offers workers the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Digital nomads are classified as people who travel frequently when working; these are typically people who are traveling for work (business contractors, speakers and consultants), but it can also be people who have remote jobs which allow them to travel. This was the primary audience Xebec went after pre-covid, and whom the product was created for. Xebec can improve productivity for these people by improving their work experience no matter where they are working (airport lounges, coffee shops or hotels).

Simultaneously, we incorporated Xebec’s “Free Yourself” messaging into this audience. Xebec sets you free from traditional work environments, giving freedom and autonomy to people entering a new workforce era.

  1. Fully Remote Workers

A growing number of companies are embracing a fully remote business model because it removes many obstacles in growing a team (sourcing talent that meets salary allocation needs on the company’s end and the difficulty in relocating on the employee’s end) and reduces costs (office space). These people generally have a workstation set up at home but can use Xebec to improve their flexibility in where, when and how they work. 

  1. Hybrid Workers

This is our projection for the largest category moving forward. Companies that went fully remote during COVID-19 are switching to a hybrid model in the coming months.

Hybrid workers with a home office - Although they may have a home office set up, Xebec can provide flexibility (similar to fully remote workers) to move within their own home. For example, if your husband needs the home office to take a call, that removes your ability to work from the desk. Xebec will never replace a traditional workspace for these people but can act as a good supplement.

Hybrid workers without dedicated a home office - People who are accommodating other family members/roommates or have limited space. For example, on the shared space front, it’s become common for roommates to rotate working areas around the apartment based on when the other one has a call, while those with small apartments are forced to work from their kitchen table because they have no room for a desk. Xebec provides flexibility and space-saving solutions for this cohort. 

Hybrid workers when working from the office - Even when working at the office, Xebec is useful for moving within the office, providing a portability solution. This can work really well for companies that have phone booths and conference rooms used for quieter workspaces or phone calls. It may not be a big enough selling point for someone working exclusively from the office, but it increases the use-cases for the hybrid worker. 

  1. Students

Students are by definition at least partially remote, since homework continues at home. Xebec improves productivity for students and creates a more enjoyable learning environment. Additionally, it allows them to take notes while in Zoom classes. This is an important audience for Xebec, as they are seeing decent sales from students already, but the goal here is to increase targeting as back-to-school approaches in August. 

Targeting and Creatives

With our four new audience profiles, we produced two new creatives for each demographic highlighting the value proposition Xebec provides each cohort. 

Our targeting strategy is as follows: 

  • Broad: The majority of the budget will go towards broad targeting, letting Facebook match the right users to our ads
  • By company: People employed at companies going partially remote 
  • Location: Targeting based on data analysis of high-converting zip codes 


This unique consultative approach to client work allowed us to work with the client to develop their overall strategy before launching campaigns; with more of a crystalized plan in place, Xebec is positioned to move forward with their digital advertising campaigns.  

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