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The Performance Max Ecommerce Checklist That Changes Everything

September 13, 2023
Google Ads

81 Critical Steps to Navigating the Newest Ad Campaign Type

Feel like you're throwing darts in the dark when setting up a performance max campaign?

You aim for the bullseye, but can't even see the board.

That's what diving into Google's Performance Max feels like—without a guide.

Even for seasoned advertisers, it's a challenge to decipher this new campaign type's best practices.

That's where our exhaustive 81-step checklist comes in.

What Is Performance Max?

First things first, let's clarify what Performance Max is.

It's Google's all-in-one ad campaign type, pulling from all Google ad inventory—Search, Display, YouTube, Discovery, and more.

It’s not just another option. It’s an all-encompassing strategy.

Join, or die.

Why You Need a Checklist

Navigating Performance Max without guidance is like trying to build IKEA furniture without instructions—frustrating and time-consuming.

Our checklist is designed to guide you through each twist and turn, each nuance, and every lever you can pull to improve performance.

Setting Up Your Campaign

Before you jump in, you need to establish a clear strategy.

Our checklist helps you determine budget allocation, develop creative assets, and choose the right metrics to track.

We make sure you're not just setting up a campaign; you're setting up a campaign for success.

Demystify Segmentation

One of the unique aspects of Performance Max is the ability to segment the products featured in your feed and the type of audiences you want to reach.

This ensures that the right message reaches the right people at the right time.

Our checklist demystifies the segmentation process, helping you optimize campaigns for higher conversion rates and even better ROAS.

Secret Levers You Didn't Know Existed

Performance Max is filled with intricate settings that can make or break your campaigns.

We've identified these hidden levers and outlined how to use them in your favor.

Think of them as the cheat codes of Performance Max; they give you an edge your competitors lack.

Don't Navigate Performance Max Alone

The intricacies of this campaign type can feel overwhelming, but you don't have to go it alone.

Our 81-step checklist is your comprehensive guide to mastering Performance Max.

From campaign setup to advanced segmentation, we cover it all.


Don't miss out on the critical steps that could redefine your approach to Performance Max campaigns.

Download the checklist today and take the first step toward your most effective advertising yet.


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