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Patrick Gilbert's Google Partner Keynote: How top agencies are accelerating client growth with machine learning

October 30, 2019
Paid Search

About two years ago, AdVenture Media began a massive transformation in the way we manage PPC campaigns.

Until that point, we were extremely reluctant to use the automated solutions offered by the various ad platforms like Google and Facebook. We pushed back against automation, and we were not alone. Many PPC professionals have written slanderous articles about automation and voiced their negative opinions on Reddit and Twitter.

I used to be one of those people, as I was extremely intimidated by this technology. I was terrified that it would replace me and put our agency out of business.

Fast-forward to 2019 and this has completely changed. We have since realized that while automation and other technology will continue to change our industry, it will not replace agencies. In fact, the opportunity for digital agencies to provide value to clients is higher now than it has ever been.

We embraced automation and we're better for it. Over the last two years, we've transformed into an agency that uses automation and other machine learning technology to drive better results for our clients.

Google was impressed by our story and invited me to speak at the Google Premier Partner Awards earlier this month.

Approximately 300 digital marketers gathered at Google's Dublin offices for the event. I had the opportunity to share my own experience with automation; including why I believe in the technology, how it's changed AdVenture Media for the better, and why for so long I actually wanted it to fail.

It was an incredible event that recognized the top 5% of digital agencies and served as an opportunity to discuss the ever-changing dynamics of the digital advertising industry. It culminated with an awards gala and a pint of Guinness or three.

A recording of the keynote is below.

(The presentation includes a gif of Ronnie wiping out on the ski slopes, if you enjoy that sort of thing.)

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