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How to Effectively Dispute GLSA Leads: A Guide to Ensuring ROI

October 19, 2023
Google Ads

Google Local Services Ads (GLSA) have emerged as an essential platform for businesses targeting local markets. As with any advertising platform, not all leads are relevant or valid. Disputing irrelevant or incorrect leads is vital for focusing your advertising efforts and maximizing ROI. Reasons to dispute can range from leads for services not offered to spam calls or even incorrect business information. This guide will outline a streamlined process for disputing GLSA leads based on these common issues.

Intro: Logging In and Navigating to Leads

Log in to your local services account and go straight to the dashboard. From here, navigate to the section where all your leads are displayed.

Step 1: Review Individual Leads

Click on each lead to inspect the details. First, check if the lead has been charged. If not, no further action is required.

Step 2: Examine Lead Conversations or Recordings

If the lead is charged, read the text conversation or listen to the phone call recording to determine its relevance. This is your first line of assessment to figure out if the lead aligns with your business goals.

Step 3: Opt to Dispute

If the lead is irrelevant or incorrect, find the "Dispute Lead" option, located in the menu accessed via the three dots in the top right.

Step 4: Specify the Reason for Dispute

You'll be prompted to give a reason for the dispute. The reasons you can choose from include:

  • Service Not Provided: The lead is asking for a service you don't offer.
  • Location Not Served: The customer's zip code or city is out of your service area.
  • Wrong Number or Sales Call: The caller has either dialed the wrong number or is attempting to sell something.
  • Spam or Bot Call: The lead is from an automated system or spam call.
  • Duplicate Lead: The same customer has generated more than one lead.
  • Incorrect Business: The customer was looking for a different company.

Step 5: Submit the Dispute

Once you’ve selected the reason, finalize the dispute by clicking "Submit."

Step 6: Record-Keeping

This template will help with better organization and tracking. Log:

  • Brand Name ( if you have multiple brands)
  • Number of leads
  • Number of Disputed leads
  • Dispute Approvals
  • Average cost per lead

Following these steps will streamline your GLSA lead management process, allowing you to focus your budget on leads that genuinely contribute to your business growth.

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