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Useful AdWords Scripts, Cross-Device Attribution & Other Updates

August 12, 2016
AdWords Tips

AdWords Script We’re Using: Bid To Position Script. This easy-to-implement AdWords Script enables you to dynamically change your bids to reach your desired average position. All you need to do is implement the script and add custom labels to any keywords you’d like to take effect, and voila! Automate it to run as often as every hour.

This is an excellent script for keywords that you want to control the top position. We also love using it when we want to lower our average position and actual CPC (think: competitor keywords, markets with high comparison-shop rates, etc.).

Video We’re Loving: How Retargeting Works. This video is not a guide to setting up a retargeting/remarketing campaign, but rather a technical explanation of how the Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) work together with real-time ad auctions. It’s pretty darn interesting.

(Psst… If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to getting started with retargeting, check out this blog post.)

Something We’re Excited About: AdWords Cross-Device Attribution. Google has been improving its’ cross-device attribution for some time, and we’re about to see another giant step forward.

A few months back, Google updated the title of this AdWords category from “Estimated Cross-Device Conversions” to just “Cross-Device Conversions” – A clear sign that they were growing ever more confident that they can track user behavior across multiple devices.

As of September 6th, Google will be eliminating this category completely and counting Cross-Device Conversions in the standard Conversions category. If Google is willing to make this change, they must be very confident in their models.

Attribution continues to be a very complicated issue in digital marketing, so we’re glad to see that Google is dedicating its improvement.

Purchase We’re Loving: Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX. After many months of convincing arguments from my colleagues, I have finally invested in a high-quality, ergonomic mouse. I might be exaggerating but I think it’s changed my life. It’s currently on sale on Amazon for only $59. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Something We’re Impressed By: The Tennessee Titans raised 20K for charity by auctioning off the first two offensive play calls of their upcoming preseason game. It’s an incredible idea, and we love when organizations find creative ways to integrate charity and fundraising into their brand. Also, we’re just so happy that football is back.

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