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Youtube Optimization Increases ROAS by 152% YoY Since 2019






Diggerland USA is the only construction theme and water park in the USA. It features a construction park that offers families the opportunity to operate and ride real specially engineered machines, as well as a construction-themed water park for kids to swim and splash. There are 40+ attractions for every age group and various experience packages to choose from based on group size, machine choice, and price. 


Diggerland lost a significant amount of business when Covid hit, and people were forced to stay inside. Once they were ready to reopen, they decided to run a brand awareness campaign to attract customers back to the park. Diggerland USA looked to AdVenture Media to help them skillfully optimize their Google Ads efforts. 



  • Customers were highly reluctant even to consider bringing them and their children to an amusement park because of the high risk of exposure in such a public setting.
  • We had to make it extremely clear that the parks were safe and that specific protocols were enforced to prevent anyone from getting sick.

Paid Search and Social

  • Diggerland was looking for improved performance from two years prior, their last typical year of business.
  • They had heavy branding traffic but needed to figure out other avenues to optimize to grow the business.


We leveraged Youtube to help increase our branded search traffic and provide a warm audience to target with remarketing list search ads (RLSAs.)

As we knew, the average age of kids who come to the park was between the ages of 5-13; we leveraged popular kids' channels on Youtube to get excited about the possibility of going to Diggerland USA. To target these channels, we leveraged our partners at AdSkate to help find optimal placements, ideally on a construction/truck-centric channel. Because kids of a young age often watch Youtube on their parents' devices, we knew that parents would also be included in this audience. So, we ran a Youtube remarketing campaign for this audience so that when parents were browsing Youtube, they would see the same ad and be excited about Diggerland as well.

As we started to build brand awareness for Diggerland through this Youtube prospecting, we were simultaneously building up an audience that would aid in our search campaigns. Now that customers understood what Diggerland was, we could bid on broader keywords against our primary competitors.

Aug. 1, 2021 - Aug. 31, 2021 compared to the same dates in 2019 (last typical business year.)

The graph highlights the CPA decrease and conversion value increase from 2019 to 2021.


  • 152.39% ROAS increase
  • 40.54% CPA decrease
  • 278.35% increase in revenue
  • 50.26% conversion increase

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