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Revitalizing Growth: How Our Direct-to-Consumer Sales Strategy Transformed Eric Javits’ Performance for an Extraordinary Month of Sales






Eric Javits is a luxury e-commerce designer specializing in hats, bags, and shoes. Their products can be found in high-end retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, and Bloomingdales. While they have been successful in selling through these retailers, they wanted to grow their direct-to-consumer brand and increase sales on their own website. To achieve this, they planned to use Eric Javits Birthday sale as a springboard to expand their customer base and drive more direct sales for their direct-to-consumer channel.

Thanks to AdVenture Media's comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Eric Javits achieved record-breaking online sales, generating over $2.4 million in revenue with a 5x total ROAS. The tailored remarketing campaigns, personalized creatives, optimized product feed, and diversified advertising platforms contributed to the campaign's success, increasing the brand's visibility and reach and encouraging repeat purchases.

Platforms Leveraged 
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • YouTube Ads
‍Technology Leveraged
  • Shopify 
  • Klaviyo


  1. Lack of Direct-to-Consumer Presence: One of the biggest marketing challenges for Eric Javits is the lack of direct-to-consumer presence. While their products are available at high-end retailers, they do not have a solid online presence on their website. This limits their ability to reach a wider audience and sell products directly to consumers.
  1. Lack of Brand Loyalty:  Many customers do not see Eric Javits as it’s own independent brand but rather have purchased it from a large department store.  This could lead to a lower likelihood of repeat purchases and reduced revenue for the company. Additionally, the target audiences are more upscale and have certain affiliations with competitor’s brands and may not be willing to adapt to another brand. 


Targeted Remarketing to Sale Purchasers
YouTube Advertising 

AdVenture Media used YouTube remarketing to target users who had made purchases during last year's sale but had not returned to the site since. The team used tailored ads that featured new product lines, promotions and special deals to entice these users back to the site.

Enhanced Creative Implementation

Display and Discovery Advertising
AdVenture Media created specific Discovery and Display sale creatives designed to be visually appealing product centric ad. The team used historic sales data  from past years performance and utilized best selling products in our ads. Additionally, we also featured new product collections that we wanted to target to past customers who may not have had a chance to see some of the new product lines that the brand had rolled out over the past year.

Optimized Product Advertising
Performance Max/Shopping Campaigns

To enhance the brand's visibility, AdVenture Media optimized Eric Javits' product feed to ensure that it contained accurate, relevant and up-to-date information about the products on sale. The team also optimized product descriptions and titles to reflect specific search queries, making it easier for customers to find the products they sought.

Diversified Advertising Platforms
Expanding to Microsoft

To increase the brand's reach, AdVenture Media rolled out Bing advertising and Google Ads to capture additional customers who may have yet to be reached through Google Ads.

The team used Bing's search and shopping targeting capabilities to reach new customers interested in luxury fashion item categories. We capaitlized both on search intent and affinity audiences to target our ads to the best users who would convert on our site.


  • 204% increase in orders
  • 5X+ Total ROAS
  • Record breaking month in terms of revenue 

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