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94% decrease in CPA for leading medical transport service with unconventional Facebook Ads targeting






Agapé Transportation provides non-emergency medical transportation to New York City clients. They transport people who do not have access or the ability to do so themselves to their scheduled doctors appointments. Agapé has over 900 drivers and transports over 600 patients daily. They are a preferred partner of the leading hospitals and medical aid services located in New York City.


Agapé Transportation lost a significant amount of their drivers due to the pandemic. They wanted to launch an online driver outreach campaign through Google and Facebook Ads and approached AdVenture Media due to our expertise in digital advertising.


  • New York City has strict guidelines about who can drive for transportation companies and Agapé was getting loads of unqualified applicants
  • Because drivers had to be in contact with medical patients, Agapé found it increasingly difficult during the pandemic to recruit drivers
  • Following the initial hysteria of the pandemic, doctors offices were quick to reopen but people did not have ways to get to their appointments without their own vehicles
Paid Search and Social
  • The website was not optimized for converting potential drivers
  • Form submissions were not being tracked accurately
  • Unqualified leads


First, we launched Facebook advertising to an extremely broad audience–all of New York City. We did not think that there were good enough Facebook detailed audiences that would help us, and with no previous data in the account, we thought that starting broad would allow us to collect that data and allow the system to optimize off of it.

Additionally, with the changes that Facebook had to implement due to iOS 14, we were finding that lots of our accounts were struggling with narrow targeting, potentially due to the number of people opting out of tracking. We wanted to test a broad target to see if the automation would be able to find out the best quality audience itself for Agapé.

Our potential reach is 10,300,000, so Facebook has a lot of people to choose from when deciding who has the highest chance of conversion. Our average click-through rate is at 2.17% compared to the employment industry average of .55%, revealing to us that Facebook's algorithm has been successful in finding people who fit our target audience, despite it being fairly specific.

Our broad strategy also allows us to raise brand awareness because we are showing our ad to a wider range of people than we were on Google. Our impressions increased. Our impressions increased 123% and we have received over 60 comments on our ads, which is social proof and will ultimately lead to higher brand recall for Agapé Management Transportation.


Facebook Spend
  • Last 30 days leads: 273 (vs. 5 Google leads)
  • CPA: $31.21 (vs. Google $578)
  • CTR: 2.3%
  • Spend: $8,765
Google leads from Aug. 27-Sept. 26


We ultimately moved our entire Google budget to Facebook. This was a more efficient use of our money and led to a tremendous increase in higher quality leads that Agapé Transportation Management desired. This broad strategy not only increased their conversions, but also allowed for increased brand awareness amongst the broad New York City population. Because we are getting such a high number of leads, Facebook's automation is able to quickly and effectively improve their targeting techniques for optimization in our campaigns.

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