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Vote for Patrick & Isaac as Top 25 PPC Experts!

October 27, 2021
Industry News

Every year, PPC Hero holds a contest for "Most Influential PPC Experts.” This sort of recognition helps us reach new audiences and allows us to continue making new content.

To cast your vote, visit this Google Form and enter Patrick Gilbert and Isaac Rudansky as your top picks!

How to vote: 

  1. Open this Google Form or visit
  2. Enter your email address (don't worry, they won't spam you!)
  3. Enter Patrick Gilbert and Isaac Rudansky as the top PPC experts who have helped influence or shape your career!
  4. List any platforms that you rely on to learn about PPC. If you need some inspiration, here's a few of our favorites: PPC Hero, Brainlabs, AdVenture Media's blog, Optmyzr's blog, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, SMX, Friends of Search, the "How To Hide a Dead Body" Podcast, Google Skillshop, and
  5. Provide an answer to the question: "What helps you determine whether or not someone is a 'PPC Expert?'" 

    We personally feel that PPC experts are thought leaders that continue to evolve their approach to digital advertising, are curious thinkers, and are transparent about their learnings and willing to provide helpful, easy-to-understand training materials to the broader PPC community (in the form of courses, books, podcasts, blog posts, and other training materials).
  6. List any "Up and Coming" PPC Experts. (May we suggest AdVenture Media's VP of Strategy, Nechama Tiegman!?)

It will only take a few minutes to cast your vote. We appreciate your support!

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