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How iOS 14 Will Impact Advertisers and Advice on Campaign Management

February 4, 2021
Google Ads

Q: What is your opinion on using Wordstream to help your AdWords?

A: I have not personally used it in a few years. I remember it being built for scale, but not exactly performance. It allowed agencies to make massive changes to small business accounts, including device bid adjustments, finding negative keywords, etc. Much of these tasks are not as relevant in the current automation age. We no longer need to add as many negative keywords or make a ton of bid adjustments, as we did 5 years ago.

In many ways, these solutions can be helpful for uncovering insights and helping guide your thought process; however, I've seen a lot of agencies (or small companies) specifically use software like this to manage their campaigns... and that's not good.

A software like this is really a bunch of Google Ads scripts with a pretty interface, and will therefore never understand human psychology in the way that a real marketer would. I've seen a lot of people attempt to use this to replace traditional campaign management, and they end up focusing on the wrong things (Quality Score, etc.)

Short answer - It could be a helpful reporting tool, but don't think of it as a full solution for campaign management. There's a reason that a real agency costs much more than a subscription.

Q: I have branded search campaigns and non-branded search campaigns running and I'm ready to start RLSA campaigns. Should I make a whole new campaign for my remarketing audience or add the audience to a brand campaign and make a bid adjustment on that audience? For my RLSA audience, I have a unique offer I only want that audience to see.

A: I would split it out.

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